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Galiana Stefani

Industrial production of garments

Why you should choose us?

Galiana Stefani

Clothing pattern making

Galiana Stefani

Excellent quality

 Experience over many years

Galiana Stefani

Professional team

Galiana Stefani

Production of fashion designer collections and small batch of clothes

We offer fast and high-quality sewing service

Galiana Stefani

International cooperation

Successful work experience with International Clients

Galiana Stefani, dresses


Galiana Stefani, blouses

Blouses and tops

Galiana Stefani, cardigans

Jackets and blazers

Galiana Stefani, skirt

Skirts and trousers

Galiana Stefani, coats.png


Galiana Stefani, coats.png


About the company "Galiana Stefani"

We are a clothing manufacturing company that has been working in the industry for many years, producing standard and industrial clothing models, in cooperation with designers, implementing artists' ideas in clothing.        

We produce classic and active style clothing, professionally and qualitatively fulfilling customer orders in women's, men's and children's assortments        

We offer:

  • Development of garment patterns

  • Pattern development, sizing and pattern layouts

  • Cutting services

  • Sewing services

  • Sample development and production

  • Quality control and packaging

  • Fast order fulfillment

  • Competitive prices

Our customers

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